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Auto Finesse Iron Out - Iron Remover 500 ml
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Auto Finesse Iron Out - Iron Remover 500 ml
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Auto Finesse Iron Out - Iron Remover 500 ml

Reactive iron contamination desolver. This pH neutral formula will react and dissolve contamination from all exterior surfaces, paintwork, wheels, glass and even trim, simply spray, allow to react and rinse.

Directions for use:

1: Apply liberally to the surface.

2: Wait for the reaction to turn any contamination purple.

3: Rinse thoroughly with water.

4: Repeat if necessary.

Customer Reviews
Pretty good
  After reading suggestions from fellow detailing enthusiasts I decided to try an iron removal product on the finish of my Aspen White MDX which always seems to collect little dark brown spots. The product worked well as I quickly saw crimson/purple streaks running down the car wherever iron was encountered. It got many (but not 100%) of the spots I could see with my naked eye and also got some I couldn't see. As others have said, the sprayer sucks. The company must've bought 100,000 of the things and are forced to use them up. I don't see any other way they don't realize it's bad and change it. In the end I'd buy this product again despite the annoying sprayer because it did dissolve a lot of the spots. I also learned that pretty much any car could benefit from a treatment even if the paint color doesn't allow you to see spots easily.
  Reviewed by:  Justin Eichhorn from Tinton Falls, NJ. on 12/6/2013
Great product but...
  Iron Out is a great product... The road grime, brake dust and all the contaminants came out very easy, but what is that horrible smell? This product should come with a gas mask. Also, the sprayer/trigger is very bad... Too short, sometimes locks itself and the thread allows that the fluid come out of the bottle.
  Reviewed by:  Werner Stein from Santiago, Chile. on 11/22/2013
As stated above, sprayer is terrible but product is great overall
  Ordered this product thinking the sprayer certainly had been resolved after all the negative reviews. Wrong! Plan on giving your hands a workout trying to cover an entire vehicle in a timely fashion without the sprayer sticking. Comes out very lightly. Product does work well, however, and I would try ordering in bulk next time and using in a different sprayer.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from Clearwater. on 11/12/2013
Iron Out worked really well, but sprayer didn't want to work at all...
  I picked up to use on my GTI before prepping for OC2 and my parents were down that weekend so I used my parents ride as a guinea pig. The wheels on the SUV were covered in brake dust that has been caked on for some time. I hit them with 1st and then the entire vehicle with Iron Out and then rinsed with the pressure washer. I was impressed how well it worked. I did it with no agitation and it removed all brake dust. I was really impressed.
  Reviewed by:  Jason from PA. on 8/9/2013
Yes sprayer is horrible and product works
  As said in others, sprayer is horrible. Had to try it out before I put it in a pressurized sprayer. The products melts away the brake dust but road grime is a different story. Still needs to be agitated. Not sure how some people just spray and wash it and got the road grime off. Was going to purchase Wolf's Decon but that was out of stock. Definitely waiting for it next time.
  Reviewed by:  Eric from NO Metro. on 7/17/2013
Great Product
  I finally got some of this in to try and will be using more of it in the future. It works as well as IronX but has way better vertical cling as it's more of a gel. It can also be left to dry on paint / glass. It does smell as bad as Iron X but it is what it is. The only downside to this product is the horrible trigger that comes on the bottle. I immediately poured mine into a different bottle with a better trigger.
  Reviewed by:  Ken Wilson from Maple Ridge, BC. on 5/23/2013
It works, but has it's downsides
  The product works pretty well, but there are a couple downsides. First like Joe said, the trigger is short and makes it difficult to spray enough all over the paint. Second, the smell is absolutely terrible, use in a very well ventilated area.
  Reviewed by:  Mike from Pittsburgh, PA. on 3/10/2013
Not that impressed
  Finally got a chance to use this today, and the product is great, easily took care of what was on my paint. The only things I didn't like were the trigger and the sprayer. Trigger seemed to be a little short and didn't spray very much per pull(hand was starting to get tired). Docked it a star cause next time I'm just going to put it in a double action sprayer
  Reviewed by:  Joe from Germany. on 11/13/2012
Can't wait to use it again!
  Had the chance to try out the Auto Finesse Iron Out on some nasty wheels on a Mercedes S550. I was really impressed on how well it worked without using so much product. The wheels came out better than new and I can't wait to use it on the next job.
  Reviewed by:  John Black from Fairfield, CT. on 10/27/2012
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