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NanoSkin Autoscrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt
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NanoSkin Autoscrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt
Item Id: AS-001-Fine-2
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NANOSKIN Autoscrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt - Better and Faster than Claying

A new option to have when you don't want to break out the orbital polisher for your Autoscrub Pad you now can take out your Autoscrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt.

NANOSKIN AutoScrub Fine Grade Wash Mitt works fast and achieves professional results with the new advanced rubber polymer technology, which replaces the use of clay bars.

A new advanced polymerized rubber technology bonded to a 6" x 8" Microfiber Mitt. The same great material used on the Autoscrub Pad.  Removes industrial pollutants, bonded contaminants, paint over spray and brake dust from the surface of automotive paint, glass, moldings, fiberglass and plastic.

- Lasts up to 4 times longer than clay bars
- Glides on & off easily for a slick finish
- If inadvertently dropped on shop floor, simply rinse clean

- Up to 50 uses before you need to replace it

Important tips:
- Make sure you break the pad in first on the windshield or glass.  What we like to do is on the first use or in general start with the glass first then move on to the paint.
- Sufficient lubrication is crucial to the AUTOSCRUB application.

Customer Reviews
Works great, but
  I for sure won't buy clay anymore, however this mitt did mar the paint a bit. This was no big deal as I my glaze and wax easily repaired the marring.
  Reviewed by:  Jose from Vancouver BC. on 6/16/2013
Great for speedier/efficient decon!
  This has been my go too on boat details lately and has massively increased my speed on finishing up details! Yet to use it on car paint but will be using it on my SRT soon and anticipate the best!
  Reviewed by:  Josh from Michigan. on 5/10/2013
No more claybar for me!
  Wow, this product just saved me hours in my detail! I used to wonder if there was an easier way of claybarring my car without having to constantly reshape the clay in hands after going over each panel. I'm not a detailing professional, so I would occasionally find marring with each use. It was such a mess sometimes. And I hated the fact that if I ever dropped my claybar on the ground, I could never use it again. It seemed like such a waste, and I always dreaded this process in my detailing. :( The NanoSkin Autoscrub Wash Mitt changed all that. It works really well with the NanoSkin Glide in a 10:1 dilution, and the mitt is big so it covers more area of your car with each wipe. I was able to go over my entire car quickly and in a fraction of the time it took with a claybar. It left the surface smooth just like the claybar, but there was no marring. I also like the fact that if it's dropped on the ground, you can just rinse it to clean and use it again. This is a lot easier on my hands and wrists, and my car looks great!
  Reviewed by:  Andrew Yue from Silver Spring, MD. on 5/6/2013
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