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Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6 1L
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Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6 1L
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Sonax Profiline Perfect Finish 4/6

Size: 1 Liter

Sonax Perfect Finish 4/6 is a one step polish that achieves what many have to do in two steps!  This is a true time save for cars in relatively good condition and will take many imperfections out of cars that are a little rough around the edges.  That being said Perfect Finish will work excellent as a final step after the compounds like Meg's M101, M105, D300, and Menzerna FG400.

Silicone-free polish for hazed, marred, and lightly scratched paintwork and scratch-proof clear paint. Ideal as finish after applying abrasive polishes.

The use of a new type of nano-sized abrasives enables rapid polishing, while effectively removing scratches and producing a brilliant gloss. Removes sanding marks of P2500 sand papers.

Hologram-free polishing result.

Customer Reviews
Very Impressed
  Tried this product for the first time on a friend's 2005 Ferrari F430 in Tour de France Blue. It worked incredibly well with an Uber Orange pad on a Porter Cable DA. For some reason, the polish did not break down to a haze for me but regardless, the results were phenomenal. Although my experience was very good with this product, because it did not break down like I was hoping for, if I had to do the car again today, I would probably opt for my go-to combo of Menzerna PO85RD and an Uber green pad.
  Reviewed by:  John from Long Island. on 3/30/2014
Great product
  I used this with a Porter Cable polisher and orange foam pads to make some fairly deep scratches that came courtesy of a careless Philadelphia Parking Authority valet a lot less visible. This worked brilliantly as a one step polish. It cut well enough to make the defect very hard to pick up unless under just the right light. It makes next to no dust so cleanup is a breeze and there's no need to use another product to deal with any hazing that this product just flat doesn't create any haze or holograms if used properly.
  Reviewed by:  Marc Wink from Newark, DE. on 9/19/2013
Beleive the Hype!!
  Great Polish, I was hooked on Menzerna polishes which are awesome, after reading reviews and seeing all the cars Phil was pumping out I wanted to see for myself. Its nothing short of perfection in a bottle. You kill 2 steps In one with this polish. Amazing results. Yes this is very expensive polish, But its worth it. Wish they had a smaller size to offer. This bottle will last me years.
  Reviewed by:  Robert Pezanko jr from CT. on 9/19/2013
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