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Uber Yellow Poly Clay - 240 grams - 8 oz
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Uber Yellow Poly Clay - 240 grams - 8 oz
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Uber Yellow Poly Clay - Fine Grade - Everyday Clay 240 gram (8 oz)

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bars - yes these are back the ones that we all loved from a few years back.  

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bars  are a fine to medium grade clay bar designed to be used for regular maintenance.

The Uber Yellow Clay Bars will remove road grime, tar, tree sap, bumpy sediment, fallout, rail dust, over spray and other contaminations from your paint, glass, clear coat, gel coat, or other rough surfaces. 

The Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bar is a fine  to medium grade which is gentle enough that it will not mark or mar your paintwork, but strong enough to remove contaminants, leaving your paintwork feeling smooth as glass.

Use the Uber Yellow Poly Clay Bar and one of the detail sprays below to leave surfaces smooth and glossy ready for polishing or a coat of wax.

Features & Benefits:

  • Strong enough to remove harmful contaminants
  • Gentle enough  not mar paintwork
  • Ideal for regularly maintained vehicles
  • Can be used with water or your favourite quick detailer
  • Use on paintwork, glass & metal surfaces
Comes in a pack of 3 = 240 grams.

Customer Reviews
Great Claybar
  When I first started using claybar, I used Meguire's from Autozone. It worked, but left some residue and was too soft for my likin. Switched over to this along with Adam's Detail Spray and my paint is now like glass after I am done. Soft enough to be molded and mixed, but retains shape well when being pressed against paint. I won't use any other claybar.
  Reviewed by:  William Bauer from New Jersey. on 6/27/2012
Just as good as the grey, durable too
  These clay bars work great, I pair them up with the Adam's detail spray. Gray bars go to use on cars that haven't ever been clayed or are just seriously dirty. I use the blue bar on the cars in my house because they usually get clayed once or twice a year. Very durable, and worlds better than what you can buy in a big box store.
  Reviewed by:  Jason from Martinsville, NJ. on 6/12/2012
Good clay
  I've been scared of using claybar in the past (hadn't ever seen it in use) - finally decided to take the plunge with this blue clay bar - was pretty easy to use (with ONR as lubricant) - and noticably effective!
  Reviewed by:  Joseph from TX. on 4/23/2012
Great clay
  This bar is great. I used it on severely gunked-up paint and took everything off and was begging for more. Lasted longer than I expected.
  Reviewed by:  JAYNESS the Great from Mid-atlantic. on 3/10/2012
Great Clay!
  The DD Uber Clays are great! Both the Medium (Grey) and Fine (Blue) clays remove all the contamination from your paint, glass or wheels with ease. They are very pliable and work well with any detailing spray or no wash formulas such as Optimum No Rinse. You get a good amount of clay for the price and a nice container to store it in too!
  Reviewed by:  Bryan from PA. on 11/19/2011
This Clay is awesome
  It is amazing at how smooth the surface became after claying. this particular clay was easy to work with (knead) and did not transfer any color to the white paint. I had a purple bar from another source that did this and chucked it in 2 minutes. It did its job, used 1/2 the bar on a 4 door sedan wheels and all. I would recommend this clay.
  Reviewed by:  Jeffrey from New York. on 11/12/2011
Great clay bar!
  Very pliable and easy handle, with excellent results.
  Reviewed by:  Brian Wayne from Boston, MA. on 10/17/2011
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