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Wheel Woolies Bundle - 3 Piece Kit
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Wheel Woolies Bundle - 3 Piece Kit
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Wheel Woolies

Wheel Woolies Bundle

Wheel Woolies are by far the safest, most effective way to clean automobile wheels on the market. Most wheel brushes do an excellent job at cleaning the outside surfaces of the wheel but do not allow the user to get into the small holes and crevices where the brake dust collects.

The soft, dense carpet fibers will hold suds to transfer them to the wheel. These brushes are made entirely of polypropylene and will stand up to any cleaner you choose to use. Due to the fact that they are 100% polypropylene, they are recyclable and can be put in a recycle bin when they have out lived their usefulness. This is a must-have brush to keep new wheels looking that way.

Wheel Woolies work with any wheel size opening. They’re great for deep wheel drums, wheel wells, and grills too. The three-piece kit gives you a Wheel Woolie to suit any detailing need.

Our Wheel Woolie Car Detailing kit contains three brushes, Large (18" OAL, 3" dia. head), Medium (12" OAL, 2" dia) and Small (8" OAL, 1" dia.).

The longest Large Wheel Woolie is 19 inch long and has a 3 inch diameter synthetic wool head. Use this long handled Wheel Woolie to reach deep into the wheels or clean the wheel wells of any vehicle, from cars to RVs.

The Medium Wheel Woolie is over 12 inches long with a 2 inch diameter synthetic wool head. This one is ideal for smaller wheel gaps, air diffusers, door jams, engine areas, etc.

Use the Small Wheel Woolie for small gaps, like grills, and narrow spoke wheels. It is 8 inch long and 1 inch in diameter.

To use any Wheel Woolie, spray the wheel with the wheel cleaner of your choice. Then dip the Wheel Woolie into wash water and agitate the wheel. The synthetic wool gently removes brake dust and grime from all types of wheels. Rinse each wheel and dry it with a soft towel to avoid spotting.

Wheel Woolies in action

Wheel Woolies and your favorite wheel cleaner will work wonders

Wheel Woolies work great in tight areas like your grills

Customer Reviews
All in One
  I made the move from a bristly ez-detail type brush to the wheel woolies and will never look back. The woolie is better b/c it gets inside the barrel of the wheel and you can also use it for the spokes as well as the face of the wheel. With the ez-brush that was only good for the barrel and then you needed to change up supplies for the face, spokes, etc. IMO woolie saves time. Also, it is soft and you have ZERO chance of scratching your wheel if you lose concentration. It holds more water/soap/cleaner than a bristle brush so you have to go back fewer times to your bucket. I am going to get the angled woolie next and see how it does cleaning behind the spokes on BMW OEM #168 wheels. The mid size woolie also worked well on the exhaust. Brushes are well constructed and seem quite durable.
  Reviewed by:  Alexander from Wash DC. on 4/1/2014
  Strong and not cheaply made. Very good quality. 1 thing they need to put holes near the top so you could put a string to hang them, I had to drill my own. Other than that, 110%
  Reviewed by:  Lucas Picone from Stoney Creek, Ontario. on 1/30/2014
works great
  All this stuff works great. The Master Blaster is especially effective. Would recommend all all if these products. We will be back for more. Thanks. Gary
  Reviewed by:  Gary from USA. on 12/17/2013
So much easier than other methods
  I love the wheel woolies! So much easier than other methods I have used in the past. The sonar cleaner combined with the wheel woolies is the perfect combination for keeping my IS-F clean. Thanks Chris
  Reviewed by:  Chris from USA. on 5/23/2013
Excellent product
  traditional brushes used for cleaning in between the spokes makes for a messy job because the bristles jump back at you with the grime that your wheel cleaner (like sonax) just loosened up. since wheel woolies is not a brush the process of cleaning your wheels is much easier and cleaner.
  Reviewed by:  Carlos from Northridge CA. on 5/18/2013
Gets the job done
  I got this set and they are great. The different sizes are great for any types of spokes of rims. Although I should have also gotten the bent shaped ones so that it can reach the brakes, but nevertheless they are much better than my old ones.
  Reviewed by:  Mark from Hong Kong. on 5/8/2013
Makes your life so much easier
  These wheel woolies get into all the cracks that I never could before. With mesh wheels and honeycomb on numerous areas of my car, these have made it a breeze to get the tight places clean
  Reviewed by:  Trent from Portland, OR. on 5/8/2013
Wheel Woolies
  My wheels are cleaner than they have ever been and I still have skin on my knuckles after three washes now.
  Reviewed by:  Wes from Kingsport, TN. on 3/21/2013
  Great product! Wheel woolies are top notch quality; these will probably last a long time as well. Definitely recommended for people who wash their own cars. +++
  Reviewed by:  Wah from Beirut City. on 10/18/2012
Quality product
  These are much easier to use than the typical brushes. I like the different sizes -- makes it easier to get into all of the tight spaces around my wheels. In combination with a good wheel cleaner (Sonax!) the wheel whoolies work like a dream. Highly recommend them.
  Reviewed by:  Tyler McDaniel from Boston. on 9/14/2012
They are great!
  Phil, Used the wheel woolies today and they are great!!!!! Thanks, Rick
  Reviewed by:  RIck from USA. on 9/8/2012
Wheel Woolies
  I've been using the Griots green foam three finger mitts for years now but tried the wheel woolies and they work great at cleaning especially inside the spokes. Great product.
  Reviewed by:  George in Shoreline from Shoreline WA. on 9/5/2012
Car fanatic
  I gave these a shot, figuring they looked good and I wanted to try Sonax anyway. I am very impressed with these brushes, and they appear like they will last a long time. I have had other cheap wheel brushes that were falling apart after a few uses, and that is not the case with these. They are small enough to get between the rotor and wheel, and soft enough not to scratch even my polished wheels. They are pricy, but if they last even a year I'll get my money's worth out of them.
  Reviewed by:  James from Ohio. on 9/1/2012
Wheel Woolies
  This is a great product for cleaning wheels. The different sizes make it much easier to clean different aspects of the wheel quickly and easily. I would recommend these to anyone.
  Reviewed by:  Ryan from USA. on 8/31/2012
The Wheel Woolie quality is great.
  The Wheel Woolie quality is great. They work well on the style 268 wheels on my wife's 328xi touring. The smallest brush fits nicely between the double-spokes. The largest brush makes quick work of cleaning the rest of the wheel. I imagine that they are much easier on the wheel paint than the Uber Spoke Brush. The smallest brush is still too large to get between the spokes on the style 207M wheels on my 128i. Maybe they could make a micro-Wheel Woolie?
  Reviewed by:  Michael from USA. on 8/19/2012
Great product!
  Used these last weekend love them won't use anything else. A must have in your tools for detailing.
  Reviewed by:  todd randich from seattle. on 8/10/2012
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